2023 Blacktail Lake

Volunteer Trail Work Project

2023 Blacktail Lake

Volunteer Trail Work Project

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In partnership with the Sandpoint Monday Hikers group, we’ll do brushing and tread work for several hours and then turn the hikers loose to finish their walk to the lake and beyond.  Anyone is welcome to join for a day of trail work and hiking!  

Trail: Blacktail Lake Trail #24 

Itinerary: The crew leader will specify meeting time & place for the morning; work for a few hours before finishing the hike to the lake.  

Crew Leader: Herbert Klein 

Estimated Drive Time from Closest Town:  About 15 minutes from Sandpoint 

More Information:  All trails of the Moose Lake Loop  

GAIA Map:  Blacktail Lake 

Difficulty Rating  

Hike:1/5 Easy
The hike to the work location is between one and two miles, with 500’ of elevation gain. Generally suitable for beginner hikers. See the linked GAIA map for the elevation profile to the lake. 

Project Work: 2/5 Moderate
Infrequent digging or swinging tools. Bending or kneeling for light saw work or brushing. Carrying tools and day packs short distances. Volunteers can pick trail duties based on comfort and ability level and are encouraged to work at their own pace.

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