2023 Grouse Mountain

Volunteer Trail Work Project

2023 Grouse Mountain

Volunteer Trail Work Project

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We’ll spend five days on a backpacking project in the northern end of Idaho working with a US Forest Service crew. We’ll do tread work and brushing on Trail #53 which goes up and on past Grouse Mountain. The trail passes through high meadows and offers great views. Volunteers will only have to carry some personal gear to the high camp. Food and a cook will be provided.   

Trail: Grouse Mountain Trail #53 

Itinerary: The crew leader will specify meeting time & place for Monday to be packed in. Work Monday-Thursday. Packer will pack crew back to the trailhead Friday to head home.  

Crew Leader: Daniel Shlaferman 

Estimated Drive Time from Closest Town: 30 minutes from Naples, Idaho.  

GAIA Map: Grouse Mountain  

Non-refundable trail project fee: $50 

Why do I need to pay a fee to volunteer for this trip? The fees collected will help to cover the costs of providing food and other expenses related to planning a multi-day project in the backcountry. We’ve had trouble with people backing out of trips at the last minute which can really affect the productivity of the overall project. By charging a fee, volunteers are less likely to cancel their reservation. Refunds will not be given to volunteers that do not show up or cancel their reservation. Exceptions will be made for medical reasons or unforeseen circumstances. If you require assistance in paying for this fee, please contact us at trails@idahotrailsassociation.org and we will waive the cost. 

Difficulty Rating  

Hike: 3/5 Moderately Strenuous
Only three miles, but with 2,200 feet of elevation gain and steady uphill the whole way. Carrying tools and personal gear.  

Project Work: 3/5 Moderately Strenuous
Focus on brushing and tread work. Bending or kneeling for light saw work or brushing, digging, or swinging tools. Volunteers can pick trail duties based on comfort and ability level and are encouraged to work at their own pace.

Volunteer Spots Available: 5 of 8
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