2023 Lake Creek

Volunteer Trail Work Project

2023 Lake Creek

Volunteer Trail Work Project

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On this project, ITA volunteers will backpack into the Gospel Hump Wilderness to tie in with where an ITA crew left off last year.  Starting from the north this year, the trail follows Lake Creek through the canyon, past Fish Lake.  

Trail:  Lake Creek Trail #204 

Itinerary:  Meet at Orogrande Summit Sunday for an early start Monday.  Monday – Thursday, hike into the project, moving camp as we work.  Friday, hike back to cars (pack support may be available), return home. 

Crew Leader: Alex Cravener 

Estimated Drive Time from Closest Town: Two hours from Grangeville  

More Information:  Write up of the Gospel Hump Wilderness at summitpost.org 

GAIA Map:  Orogrande Summit to Fish Lake 

Refundable deposit: $50 

Why do I need to pay a deposit? We’ve had trouble with people backing out of trips at the last minute which can really affect the productivity of the overall project. By charging a refundable fee, volunteers are less likely to cancel their reservation. Refunds will not be given to volunteers that do not show up or cancel their reservation. Exceptions will be made for medical reasons or unforeseen circumstances. Volunteers can choose to donate the deposit to ITA. All donations are tax-deductible and will go towards maintaining trails throughout Idaho. If you require assistance in paying for this fee, please contact us at trails@idahotrailsassociation.org and we will waive the cost. 

Difficulty Rating: 

You should have some experience with backpacking and be in good hiking condition with broken-in and tested gear.  This is a remote backcountry project so injuries such as sprains and blisters or even extreme fatigue from not being properly conditioned can quickly become a big safety issue.  If you are unsure about the proper gear or about preparing for a trip, please reach out to trails@idahotrailsassociation.org. 

Hike: 3/5 Moderately Strenuous
The first two miles from the summit to the trailhead is the steepest part, but downhill on the heavier pack in! The rest of the trail has little elevation change. Approximately nine miles in to where crews left off in 2022, with approximately 2,100 feet elevation loss on the way in. Carrying all gear and tools. See the linked map for the elevation profile.

Project Work: 3/5 Moderately Strenuous
Plenty of saw work and brushing expected. Crews may be digging or swinging tools and bending or kneeling for light saw work or brushing. 

Volunteer Spots Available: 8 of 10
If there are no volunteer spots available, click “Sign Up” to get on our waitlist for this project!

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