2023 North Fork Wood River – Youth

Volunteer Trail Work Project

2023 North Fork Wood River – Youth

Volunteer Trail Work Project

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On this trip, youth (ages 14-18) volunteers will work and explore the Hemingway Boulder Wilderness. We will base camp near the North Fork Wood River Trailhead. Over 16 miles of trail are accessed from here, and each day we’ll work further in, clearing the trails of brush and downed trees, as well as improving the drainage and tread on the trails.   We’ll set up camp near the trailhead.  All meals will be provided, and an ITA volunteer will join us to help cook.  

With guidance from crew leaders, volunteers will be involved in all aspects of camp life. This includes helping set out breakfast and lunch items, assisting the cook with dinner and dishes, ensuring water and sanitation supplies are available, and ensuring tools are accounted for. Volunteers are expected to adhere to Leave No Trace best practices and project safety expectations set by crew leaders.  

Trail: North Fork West Pass Trail # 115, West Fork North Fork #129 

Itinerary:  Meet Thursday midafternoon to set up camp and go over trail work basics and safety. Friday and Saturday, work full days on the trails. Sunday, wrap up trail work in the morning, clean up camp and head home.  

Crew Leader: Patti Stieger and Cindy Walker 

More Information: Hemingway-Boulders Wilderness 

Estimated Drive Time from Closest Town:  Five Miles from the SNRA Headquarters. 30 Minutes north of Ketchum, Idaho.  

Difficulty Rating  

Hike: 2/5 Moderate
With several trails beginning from the trailhead we will have shorter hikes each day, some mild elevation change. Carrying day packs and tools to camp each day.  

Project Work: 2/5 Moderate
Some saw work and brushing and working on the trail tread to ensure proper width and slope, digging and swinging tools. Volunteers are encouraged to work at a comfortable pace.

Volunteer Spots Available: 8 of 12
If there are no volunteer spots available, click “Sign Up” to get on our waitlist for this project!

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