2023 Prairie-Miner Lakes – Women Only (Full)

Volunteer Trail Work Project

2023 Prairie-Miner Lakes – Women Only (Full)

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June 28th Update

ITA’s Women in the Wild Program in partnership with the Wood River Trails Coalition, we’ll spend a long weekend clearing trail high in the Smoky Mountains.  The trails around and connecting the two lakes rarely get trail maintenance activity, so plenty of saw work and tread repair is expected! 

Basecamp will be at/near the trailhead (i.e. car camping) – location TBD.  We will hike up the trail each day to work and return to basecamp at the of the day.  There will be no pack animal support. (You will need to carry your daypack with food, water, layers, filter, etc plus tools)

Trail: Prairie Creek #134, Miner Canyon #135 

Itinerary:  Please plan to be at the meeting location at 10am on Friday morning (July 7)– packed for the day and ready to start. Feel free to arrive Thursday evening and set up camp if you prefer. We expect to be done and back at the trailhead around 2:00pm on Sunday.

Crew Leader: Dagmar Rapp 

More Information:  Wood River Trails Coalition  

Estimated Drive Time from Closest Town: 30 minutes from Ketchum  

Difficulty Rating  

Hike: 3/5 Moderately Strenuous
Five to six mile hike into the project camp site; the first few miles are an easy warm up to the last stretch that is a steeper climb. Carrying packs and tools. 

Project Work: 3/5 Moderately Strenuous
Focus on tree removal and basic trail maintenance. Digging, swinging tools, saw work and brushing.

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