Thank you volunteering with us! This is a place for you to share photos with ITA and with the other members from your trip. The photos you upload to these albums will be available to the other members from your trip. By uploading your photos, you agree to allow ITA to use them for communications and marketing purposes. We will credit you when possible!

This year, we are using Google Photos. You’ll need to have or create a Google account to upload, it’s easy and free!

Choose your project:

Bernard Creek– April 5-11

Cabin Creek– April 18-24

English Point– May 1

North Idaho Crew Leader College– May 7-9

McCall Crew Leader College– May 14-16

Lake Shore Trail #294– May 15-16

Stonebraker Ranch Weeklong– May 17-22

Sheep Creek Jet Boat Weeklong– May 23-29

Johnson Saddle Weeklong Youth– May 30- June 5

Purjue Canyon– June 5

Mickinnick Trail– June 5

Foothill Fence Removal– June 5

Chamberlain Creek– June 13-19

Couer d’Alene NRT #20– June 18-20

Rapid River Weeklong Youth– June 20-26

WOW Little Queens River– June 25-27

Gospel Hump Monitoring– June 27- July 3

Hum Lake– July 3

Loon Creek Weeklong Youth– July 5-11

Seven Devils Loop 5-day– July 7-11

Ball Lakes Trail #43– July 10

Flossie Lake WOW– July 10-17

Alice Toxaway Weeklong– July 14-20

Fault Lake Weeklong– July 18-23

East Fork Wood River Youth– July 18-24

Monday Hikers- Blacktail Lake– July 26

Meyers Cove WOW Trail Project and Pack Clinic– July 25-31

North Fork Lick Creek 5-Day– August 1-5

Emerald Lake Weeklong Youth– August 1-7

Beehive Lakes Trail– August 2

WRTC West Fork Trail Creek– August 6-8

Beetop Roundtop Trail #120– August 7-8

Little Queens Weekend August 14-15

Clifty Mountain Trail #182– August 14

Caton Lake 5-Day– August 20-24

Mattingly Creek Youth– August 22-28

Beehive Lake Trail #279– August 28

Vance Lake Weeklong– August 29- September 4

WOW Caton Lake – September 3-6

Ring Creek Point Weeklong– September 5-11

Coeur d’Alene River Trail Weekend– September 10-12

Low Saddle– September 17-19

Maidenrock NPLD– September 25

Polecat Reserve Trail Building– October 23

Fall Youth Trail Clean up– October 30

Polecat Reserve Trail Maintenance– November 4

Military Reserve Seed Collection– November 20

If your trail project isn’t listed, please put your photos/videos here!