We need your help to gather trail reports! Detailed reports help us know where things need to be improved on trails like downed trees and rock slides. They also keep the larger hiking community informed about trail conditions. We are looking for reports on non-motorized hiking trails from all over Idaho so feel free to submit from wherever you are in the state.

Click the button on this page to submit your trip reports. Please write the trail number if you know it along with the trail name. Use the ‘Overall Trip Report’ field to be as specific as possible about any problems you encountered.  How big were those downed trees? 8 inch diameter?  20 inch diameter? How long was that impassable stretch of overgrown brush? Including latitude and longitude information is very helpful.  You can also use the ‘Attachment’ button to include pictures, other related documents. Photos of trail problems like logs across the path and rock slides are very helpful. We are also always looking for beautiful photos to use for social media so feel free to upload scenic shots as well. To submit GPS/GPX files or multiple photos, please attach in a zipped folder.

If you have any questions on trail reports, please email trails@idahotrailsassociation.org