The trails world lost a true friend in February 2022 with the sudden passing of John Platt. John was a lifelong hiker and mountaineer, an accomplished cyclist, a backcountry adventurer, and a devoted husband, father, brother and friend.

John was also passionate about sharing the outdoors with anyone and everyone, and would give of his time and resources freely to help others discover the joy of being outside. In this spirit, a generous friend and donor has committed funds through Idaho Trails Association. This year, ITA would like to help people overcome financial limitations that may be barriers to participating in an ITA trail project. Quality gear and food for trail trips can be expensive but are essential to a great experience; John understood this and was often the first to offer to lend out a tent or share his meal with someone.

If you would like to sign up for an ITA trail project but need help with anything from hiking boots to backpacker meals, please send an email to with your name, address, phone number, email, the ITA trip or trips you’d like to sign up for, the specific support that would allow you to participate (for example, “I am in need of backpacker meals for a weeklong project”), and the amount you are requesting. ITA will respond as soon as possible; if approved, we will mail you a check. Funds are limited, so please make your request reasonable; requests are first come, first served to better enable us to respond in time for this season’s trips.

All we ask in return is an accounting of the funds spent, and photos and a short account of your trail project experience so we can share in the joy we hope this outdoor access fund will bring- joy John felt when he shared the outdoors with others!