Each year, Idaho Trails Association members have the opportunity to vote for ITA’s Board of Directors. ITA’s by-laws require that elections are conducted each year to fill half the positions on the Board of Directors. Directors are elected by a simple majority of ballots cast by members and serve for a term of two years. As required by the Bylaws and directions from the Board, the ballot is being provided to all members electronically.

ITA currently has nine Board of Directors members. Four of the current Board members have been selected by the Board to run for re-election. No other candidates for the Board have been identified. The ballot, therefore, has two options: vote for the entire slate of four candidates or vote against that list of four candidates.

The current Board members who have agreed to run for a 2-year term are:

  • Tobey Jinkins
  • Tom Dabrowski
  • Herbert Klein
  • Lilly Ragan

Staff and Board Member biographies can be found here.

Please vote either for or against these four candidates and submit your ballot by the deadline June 1.

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