Help us win a Land Rover!

We are thrilled to announce ITA has been honored as one of five nonprofit finalists in the 2023 Land Rover Defender Service Awards! As part of this national contest, we have the chance to win a customized Land Rover and $25,000. This is a huge opportunity to expand our trail work programs across Idaho. VOTE FOR ITA HERE!

We need your help

We need YOU, all of our awesome trail-lovers, to step up and help us win. The contest winner will be determined by public vote for a three-week period from September 15 to October 4. Vote for ITA on the Land Rover Defender Service Award site here.

You can vote once per day and we need as many people as possible voting every single day! We’ve set up a fun daily reminder email which will include trail jokes and trivia. Sign up to receive this email reminder below. Thank you for helping us expand ITA’s reach throughout Idaho.

An incredible opportunity for ITA

A large four wheel drive like the Land Rover Defender would be instrumental in allowing more volunteers to participate in projects requiring a high-clearance vehicle. Transportation to remote trailheads on rough Idaho roads has always been a challenge and ITA volunteers don’t always have their own vehicle, let alone a four-wheel drive vehicle to traverse difficult roads. Our goal is to make it possible for anyone to be part of a project, no matter how rough the road to the trailhead!

We believe owning a Land Rover Defender would be especially beneficial for our youth program. Currently, parents need to drop off and pick up their kids from trail projects which presents a challenge for busy parents and a barrier for youth to join. If ITA owned a Land Rover Defender with its large seating capacity, more youth would have the opportunity to participate in our projects.