2024 Shoofly Wilderness Access- BHA

Volunteer Trail Work Project

2024 Shoofly Wilderness Access- BHA

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Purjue Canyon is a beautiful place to explore in the Owyhee Canyonlands and ITA has been working on the Purjue Canyon Trail, one of the few trails that access the Little Jacks Wilderness, for several years.

ITA and Backcountry Hunters and Anglers are partnering for a day of non-traditional trail work. The end goal is to create a parking place for folks wanting to enjoy the Wilderness on foot and discourage motorized us. The first step is to condense the two-track route into a single-track trail. ITA and volunteers will help by spreading rocks, wooden posts, sagebrush, and other debris in the extra track.

Project information is subject to change. Crew leaders will communicate via email. Failure to respond to your crew leader may result in being dropped from the project. See our FAQs, reach out to your crew leader, or contact ITA staff at trails@idahotrailsassociation.org if you have questions.

More info: All Trails

Trails:  Purjue Canyon Trail

Itinerary: For this one-day project, the crew leader will specify the meeting time & place in their pre-trip emails. Meet at the Shoofly Cut-off trailhead in the morning. Volunteers are encouraged to camp nearby the evening before.

Food Provided by ITA: No

Crew Leader: John McCarthy

Estimated Drive Time from Closest Town: About 45 min from Grandview.

Difficulty Rating

Hike: 1/5 Easy- Project work starting at the trailhead.  Flat, slight elevation gain as we work further in.

Project Work: 3/5 Moderate- Decommission old trail, moving rocks and brush with the potential for some heavy lifting/moving.

Volunteer Spots Available: 7 of 7
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