Trail Talks: Backcountry Nutrition Webinar

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Trail Talks: Backcountry Nutrition Webinar

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If you’ve ever asked yourself, “What food should I take on my backpacking trip?” or said “I’m tired of eating store-bought freeze-dried meals”, join us for this webinar about backcountry nutrition. ITA Board Members and Crew Leaders Pam Bond and Tom Dabrowski will cover optimizing your food to properly fuel your body for a long hike or backpacking trip, how to create your own meals from dehydrated/freeze-dried foods to save weight but not skimp on taste or nutrition, tips on where and what to buy for supplies and gear, and information about other helpful resources.

Webinar outline:
– Nutrition basics (macros), how much food to eat in a day (calories)
– Selecting calorie-dense foods to keep your food bag as light as possible without skimping on calories
– Pros and cons of store-bought meals
– Using dehydrated and freeze-dried foods
– Sample recipes
– Other resources

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