Staying Trail Ready with Everyday Movement Webinar

Staying Trail Ready with Everyday Movement Webinar

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Wear some comfy clothes, make a little space in your living room, and join us for a webinar with self-trained Biomechanics Nerd and Movement Teacher Leader Kasey Rose about making small adjustments in movement for better mobility on the trails.

After a lifetime of manual labor (or hopefully half a lifetime!) Kasey Rose had to figure out how to change some things about how she moved as her body had stopped cooperating with what she continued to ask it to do. Clawing her way out of injury after injury and dealing with areas of chronic pain in her body, Kasey happened upon the study of biomechanics and found exactly what she needed: how to move in ways the body is meant to move, rather than forcing things and pushing through pain to get the workout in or finish the job. Through pretty simple changes in how she moves her body, Kasey has been able to clear the inflammation out of her chronically “hot” hip, to know what to adjust to keep the pain out of her low back, and how to move to almost alleviate the shooting arthritis pains in her shoulder. She has been having success in helping others find relief as they learn to recognize their own patterns of movement and change their habits to be able to heal themselves.

As an ITA Crew Leader, Kasey is especially excited to share what she is learning with ITA folks who also truly value the preciousness of a healthy, mobile body! She will present some common sense approaches to movement that many of us overlook in the context of our busy culture, as well as offer some moves that can be incorporated into daily life.

Kasey will also share ways to continue to connect with her for additional movement classes and guidance as she offers weekly Zoom classes as well as classes locally in McCall and New Meadows.

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