Salmon-Challis National Forest

31 Jan 2015

2014 Project Accomplishments and Summary for the Idaho Trails Association

2015-02-02T19:01:51-07:00January 31, 2015|0 Comments

ITA’sMission Idaho Trails Association promotes the continued enjoyment of Idaho’s hiking trails. The Idaho Trails Association (ITA) is a non-profit organization. ITA’s Purpose: To facilitate the active enjoyment of Idaho’s public lands and hiking trails, the Idaho Trails Association brings together citizens and develops partnerships to foster: Care-taking of Idaho’s hiking ... Read More

6 Feb 2014

A Look Back at 2013

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As 2014 has already seen a month come and gone, let's take the chance to recognize the work that was completed in 2013 as we look forward to the 2014 season. Projects in 2013 included maintenance completed on National Trails Day and National Public Lands Day. Work was completed in ... Read More

27 Aug 2013

Reaching New Heights on Mt. Borah with ITA

2013-08-28T07:51:43-06:00August 27, 2013|5 Comments

This year ITA teamed up with the US Forest Service in July to repair one of the highest-traffic trails in the state: the trail to the summit of Mt. Borah, Idaho's highest peak. With funding from REI, ITA was able to support four volunteers who in total committed 83 hours of work towards the first ... Read More

16 Jul 2012

Boulder Lake

2022-02-24T13:23:13-07:00July 16, 2012|1 Comment

Tucked away in some of Idaho’s tallest Peaks, Boulder Lake is surrounded by a rim of jagged, sky-scraping peaks that will leave your eyes popping out. You’ll find extraordinary views of the Devil’s Bedstead and other unnamed peaks topping out near or above 12,000 feet.

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