“You are part of a legacy,” said Mark Bingman to the group of volunteers as we gathered for the Wewukiye (Wa-woo-kia) Trail Project.  Mark is the North Zone Recreation Manager for the Boise National Forest, where there are few non-motorized trails. The Cascade Ranger District is leading the charge to construct a new 16-mile hiking and mountain biking trail that will connect Warm Lake, Stolle Meadows, Vulcan Hot Springs and other landmarks.

The naming of the trail was part of a community process.  The name was selected during a “name-the-trail” contest that was held for the local 4th grade students. Kyle Sellers chose the name ‘Wewukiye,” meaning elk in the Nez Perce tribal language.

This is the second year that the Idaho Trails Association has organized volunteers to help construct the new trail. Last year ITA volunteers helped build two miles of new trail.  This year our volunteers helped construct another 1.25 miles.  Five volunteers contributed a combined 85 hours of service to the project. Volunteers bonded through trail work, lounged in local hot springs, enjoyed peaceful afternoons and took in the views at North Shore Lodge on Warm Lake.

We would like to thank all of our volunteers for their hard work.  We would also like to thank the Boise National Forest for their leadership and the Boise REI store for their financial support of the project.