THANK YOU TO EVERYONE WHO VOTED FOR IDAHO TRAILS ASSOCIATION IN THE LAND ROVER DEFENDER SERVICE AWARDS! Your support and words of encouragement meant everything to us throughout this contest. We did not receive enough votes to make it to the top two spots but we are grateful for the opportunity to generate some buzz around our organization and gain some new followers and potential volunteers. We competed against some larger, well-established organizations and are honored to have made it to the voting round. As one of the top five finalists, we will be awarded a $7,500 donation from CHASE and Warner Bros. Discovery. And we will have the opportunity to be a part of the contest again in the future.

Thank you again to our trails community for rallying around ITA and showering us with your support! We are so grateful for each and every one of you. Thank you to Land Rover for hosting this exciting contest and honoring so many great nonprofits doing important work.