Frank Church – River of No Return Wilderness

22 Aug 2012

West Fork Camas Creek Project – Finish Strong!

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Magdaline, one of the SCA interns learned several positive lessons while working in the wilderness. As she proclaimed, “The first lesson is that backpacking with tools is really hard. The second lesson is that the Backcountry Horsemen sure know how to cook. The last lesson is that if you are going to be doing stream crossings during work you should definitely have a spare pair of shoes."

1 Aug 2012

Pistol Creek Trail Project – Rock Stars

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July 7th-14th was one of the hottest weeks of the summer. Nonetheless, several volunteers gathered to help maintain the Pistol Creek Trail in the Frank Church - River of No Return Wilderness. Working in eight-hour days, they contributed a combined 208 hours of volunteer service. Volunteers maintained 11 miles of trail and cleared an astonishing 129 logs and trees from the trail!

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