Carey Creek Boat Ramp

2024 Johnson Saddle

Carey Creek Boat Ramp Gospel Hump Wilderness

Volunteers will get a chance to explore the Gospel Hump Wilderness on this one-way backpacking project. The crew will take a jet boat to Sheep Creek, where we will work our way up to Johnson Saddle, high over the Main Salmon River. This trail winds around Butzien Butte and ... Read More

2024 Wind River Signage (Full)

Carey Creek Boat Ramp Gospel Hump Wilderness

To celebrate the 60th anniversary of the Wilderness Act, we’ll spend a weekend on a two-part project at the Wind River Pack Bridge. The first goal is to assist the Forest Service in installing interpretive and invasive species signage at the Gospel Hump Wilderness boundary. Then we’ll brush and ... Read More

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