Wildhorse Campground

2024 Gospel Hump Wilderness Monitoring (Full)

Wildhorse Campground Gospel Hump Wilderness

The Gospel Hump Wilderness is as beautiful as it is rugged. Ranging from heavily-forested higher elevation areas and mountain peaks to the Salmon River at its southern border, there are endless opportunities for solitude and adventure. We are going to spend five days backpacking through this beautiful area collecting ... Read More

2024 Ten Mile (Full)

Wildhorse Campground Gospel Hump Wilderness

Starting from the trailhead at Wildhorse Campground, volunteers will work up the Crystal Lake Trail toward North Pole Peak (8,800’). The trail climbs up a ridge, offering panoramic views of the Gospel Hump Wilderness. The crew will continue down the Tenmile Spur Trail, which drops into Tenmile Meadows miles below. We’ll ... Read More

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