Cut the red ribbon, ITA’s  2012 season has begun! On June 2nd , Idaho Trails Association rallied 17 volunteers and agency partners to work on the Tindall Trail in celebration of National Trails Day. Tindall Trail is located in the Bruneau-Jarbidge Wilderness, which was newly designated in 2009.  The trail  goes into Sheep Creek at the confluence of Sheep and Mary’s Creeks. Tindall Trail is a great wilderness hike and camping site and is easy to find. ITA volunteers were delighted to work with our BLM partners to improve this trail for our second annual BLM National Public Lands Day project.  ITA volunteers constructed and maintained 1 mile of trail, including 10 new water-bars, and a new trailhead. ITA wants to give our volunteers and BLM partners a big thank you for the talent and hard work you provided!

Don’t forget this was just the start of our season, click Events,

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"The Crew" National Trails Day, Photo Credit - Sally Ferguson