Four eager volunteers turned out to perform maintenance work on the Hum Lake Trail from August 17th through 19th on the Payette National Forest.  The Hum Lake Trail is a very popular backpacking trail outside of McCall, which ascends over a small pass from Duck Lake.

The group headed out with two crosscut saws, two Pulaskis, a hand saw and a Peavey.  Before getting down to business, a safety training was given to the volunteers, which included practicing how to safely cut two logs with a crosscut saw.  After the safety training, the volunteers cut out 35 trees blocking the trail.  The volunteers used their tools with skill to clear the way for trail users.

Volunteers also had the opportunity to learn how to use other trail maintenance tools.  For example, they learned to use the Peavey, which is a tool that works like a lever to push, roll or slide a fallen tree away from the trail.  This tool was extremely helpful when the group worked together to remove a 30-inch diameter tree.  The large tree had fallen across a switchback, and two long sections had to be moved.

All-in-all, the group cleared about four miles of trail. Many trees had to be cut 2-3 times in order to be completely cleared from the trail. In just two and a half days, the volunteers collectively contributed 40 hours of trail maintenance! On Sunday, after finishing the last 9 trees, they hiked to a summit that provides a beautiful overlook above Hum Lake

Nice work!