Idaho Trails Association trail work project on July 25th & 26th, 2015 was at Hum Lake on the Krassel District of the Payette National Forest. We backpacked into base camp at Hum Lake on Saturday and then divided into two crews and conquered. One group headed north on the trail and did some much needed trail tread work and the other group back tracked on the Hum lake trail and did some light brushing. After completing a day of hard work we got back to camp where the In the Wild Chef had a Scrumptious gourmet backcountry dinner ready for everyone to devour. On Sunday morning after filling up on Blueberry Brie flappers, sausage, and coffee we headed north on the trail again and did more trail tread work, put in some water dips, cleared 25 down trees from the trail and rerouted the trail onto the original tread. Over time the lack of maintenance made it unclear where the original trail was and the cairns along the trail where incorrectly placed. Now with the trees off the trail and the cairns correctly placed; the trail will guide you to a gorgeous saddle with astounding views that span across the vast wild and scenic country.

The specifics of the accomplishments for this work party:

  • 10-ITA Volunteers contributed 101 hours of volunteer time
  • Cleared 25 trees from the trail.
  • Rehabbed approx 1500 feet of trail.
  • Brushed .75 miles of trail.
  • Cleaned/rebuilt 9 water bars.

Here are some photos of the crew and the work they accomplished.


A BIG THANK YOU goes out to the Krassel National Forest Service, REI, In the Wild Chef, everyone of our sponsors, and the volunteers for making this trail work vacation such a success!