Become a Steward of Idaho’s Trails

Join ITA During Our 7th Annual Membership Drive

Dear Idaho Backcountry and Wilderness Trail Lovers:

Idaho’s network of backcountry trails leads hikers to and through some of our state’s most beautiful, hidden places. As one of the state’s fastest growing volunteer-driven organizations dedicated to clearing backcountry trails, Idaho Trails Association needs YOU to help us restore and maintain this invaluable legacy. That’s why, from November 15th to December 31st, we’re kicking off our 7th annual membership drive to get more people like you—and your friends and families—involved in preserving our state’s vast trail system.

In the coming year, our goal is to increase trail work projects by 40 percent. This means that, not only will we be returning to some of Idaho’s most popular hiking destinations, but we will be expanding our reach into new areas as well. In 2017, our weekend and weeklong ‘work vacations’ will include the Seven Devils and Gospel Hump Wilderness Areas–some of Idaho’s most rugged and pristine outdoor playgrounds. Wherever we work, ITA’s mission is to promote the continued enjoyment of Idaho’s hiking trails thru:

  • Stewardship projects on Idaho’s great hiking trails, including trail construction and maintenance
  • Development of traditional trails maintenance skills using hand tools
  • Education, understanding, and appreciation of Idaho’s unique trail resources
  • Preservation, protection and access to Idaho’s hiking trails through outreach and advocacy

The Idaho Trails Association started in 2010. In our first year, we conducted two trail maintenance projects with volunteers contributing about 200 hours of their time working on the trails.  Fast forward to 2016, and 200 volunteers contributed almost 4,000 hours to complete 17 projects, including five weeklong ‘work vacations.’ These projects are rich with Idaho heritage, featuring mule trains, traditional tools, and backcountry cooking. From 2015 to 2016 alone, the value of ITA’s volunteer labor to land managers climbed from $48,000 to over $128,000!

Whether you want to get out on the trails or provide material support, we ask you to join, renew your membership, give a membership to someone you know cares about the backcountry—or give us a donation! Just go to for more information. No matter where you live in Idaho—or in the U.S. for that matter—you can do your part to help preserve our wild lands.

Thanks very much,
Jeff Halligan, ITA Executive Director