February 24, 7-8 pm Mountain Time

Registered Nutritionist and Backpacking Meal Planning Expert Aaron Owens Mayhew of the website Backcountry Foodie will share with us some tips for cooking in the backcountry. She will focus specifically on avoiding bonking, aka crashing and burning, the all-too-familiar problem to anyone who backpacks! Bonking is a common issue for under-fueled or improperly fueled hikers. It occurs when your body receives inadequate carbohydrates, and leaves you feeling exhausted, moody, and/or confused. Fortunately, with some proper planning and plenty of snacks, you can easily prevent bonking and avoid that awful, burnt-out feeling.

During the talk, you’ll learn:
● All about bonking: what is it, how can you recognize it, and why does it happen?
● Backpacking metabolism basics: carbs, fat, and protein, oh my!
● How to use the Backcountry Foodie meal planning platform to maximize your nutrition
and improve your performance on-trail

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