On March 1, our 2023 volunteer trail project schedule of 60+ projects will be released! Members (anyone who has donated to ITA in the past year) will be able to sign up to volunteer for projects on a first come, first served basis for most projects.

Maybe you’re asking yourself, “Do people really rush to volunteer for trail work?” The answer is YES! Despite the chance of unseasonable snow, boiling heat, smoky days, waves of mosquitoes, and the certainty of working hard to clear the trails, our volunteers come back year after year and many trips fill up fast on March 1! Want to join the mad rush? Learn more how you can become a member by donating $30 or more to ITA.

We’re trying something new this year– we’ll be sending out a preview of the full schedule on February 22 so volunteers will have a chance to read project descriptions and plan trips with friends before the signups open on March 1. Keep an eye out for the preview!