📣 SCAVENGER HUNT! 📣 Want to win coffee from Café Mulé and a sweet ITA cup?! Be the first to find our trail crews this Saturday (September 23) on National Public Lands Day on our Snowshoe Hare Loop project near Boise or our Owyhee Trails project!
1. Snowshoe Hare Loop- from 9-12:30, our crew will be working out of the Dry Creek Headwaters Trailhead on the Ponderosa Pine Overlook and Showshoe Hare Loop: https://maps.app.goo.gl/jPXFfoHQJB1sp75E9
2. Owyhee Trails- from 9-2, the crew will be working on the Upper Purjue Canyon Trailhead: https://maps.app.goo.gl/Cc6kJBN7PvSSZVpb7
Be the first to stop in and say hi and be rewarded with an awesome prize!
We have a few spots that opened up on our Snowshoe Hare Loop project if you’d like to join us.